DermaFrac™ Micro-Channeling Infusion


The DermaFrac™ Treatment combines well researched and documented procedures similar to dermarolling, microneedling or dermapen. A DermaFrac™ treatment punctures the skin with very small stainless steel tips; these tips enter the skin to a depth that is ideal for producing positive natural responses that increase collagen and fibroblast activity. 
Combining this with simultaneous infusion of serums makes the treatment quite unique.
This actually delivers serums to the upper dermis where it matters. Couple that with LED therapy and microdermabrasion to deliver the most effective and unique non invasive treatments. Schedule your treatments today!  501-228-6237

Candidates For DermaFrac™

DermaFrac™ treatments are safe and effective for all skin types. There are serums to treat certain skin conditions such as:

  •  Anti-Aging: A cocktail of peptides to stimulate collagen and fibroblasts idea for the aging skin.
  •  Hydration: Infusing hyaluronic acid into the skin; “super” hydration of the skin occurs.
  •  Lightening: Kojic Acid is used to even out pigment.
  •  Acne: Lactic and salicylic acid help to control acne outbreaks


Combination Therapy

The DermaFrac™ Treatment has several therapies combined. The small channels that are created stimulate the body to heal. The transportation of active serums into the skin increases absorption and effectiveness over other topical serum applications. DermaFrac™ may include additional treatments such as microdermabrasion and LED therapy.

Treatments will be customized depending on the skin condition to be treated. After the skin evaluation and consultation any of the treatment modalities within the DermaFrac™ treatment options can be selected.

LED Light Therapy

  • Blue Light for Acne Treatments
  • Yellow Light for Collagen Stimulation
  • Red Light for reduction of inflammation, restoration of uniform pigmentation, pain reduction and collagen generation
  • CoolBreeze™ Light Wands cool and soothe the skin with gentle airflow during treatment


  What are the benefits of DermaFrac?

  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, scars, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, redness, inflammation, and large pores.
  • Provides noticeable improvement within a few days of the initial treatment and significant improvement after a series of six treatments.
  • Clears up acne especially when used with the blue LED light therapy
  • Achieves healthy, hydrated skin 
  • Promotes an even complexion by lightening pigmentation and brightening your skin
  • The treatments are very cost effective.
  • There is no bruising, infection, discoloration, sun sensitivity, or other known side effects after treatment.
  • Extremely high absorption rates of the topical serums.
  • Thickens the dermis without removing or damaging the epidermis.
  • It is safe for all skin types and ethnicities and an excellent alternative for darker skinned individuals who are not candidates for lasers, certain facial peels, etc.

What results can you expect?

Most people will begin to see improvement the day after their first treatment. However, a series of six treatments is required to retain those benefits. By the end of the series of treatments, you should see fuller, smoother skin with more even skin tone. If raised scars are treated, the amount of scar tissue should be reduced. Acne scars or other depressed scars will be less noticeable because of the new collagen created immediately below the scars.


Number Of Treatments

As with all non-invasive skin treatments, the DermaFrac™ treatment needs to be administered in a routine manner. Better results will be seen if the treatment is performed every two weeks for a series of six treatments.
Once a full treatment course has been completed it is recommended that a maintenance program be implemented, These treatments should be performed every three to four months.

Treatment Series Pricing