We offer pharmaceutical grade  nutraceuticals to optimize your bio-identical hormone therapy and overall health.....but first a word about your thyroid.

Did you know 30-40% of Americans are hypothyroid? That is 52 million people! What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)?.....fatigue, depression, cold intolerance, dry skin, weight gain, joint pain, constipation and  high cholesterol. Lab work is important to make a correct diagnosis, but it should only be used as a guide when determining a patient's correct dose. It is important to treat the patient's symptoms not their lab, using the lab only as a guide to make sure the person is not on too much thyroid replacement. Dr. Trussell has  recently shifted her thoughts on the type of thyroid hormone replacement she prefers. Dr. Trussell had always prescribed and always taken Synthroid herself, which is synthetic and made only of T4 (thyroxine). Research from the European Journal of Endocrinology shows that T3 is the thyroid hormone needed for fat loss. T3 protects against arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) and heart disease. T3 decreases with stress and with dieting.  Not everyone can adequately convert T4 (the prohormone) to T3 (the active thyroid hormone). Therefore Dr. Trussell is  proactively changing to WP thyroid or Naturthroid, or Armour Thyroid which is a dessicated preparation and contains T4 AND T3. 


1. Detox Pack- This can be used as part of a 30 day detoxification program. These packs contain ingredients carefully selected to synergistically support the body's normal detoxification process. Taken once a day. A properly done detox program can increase your energy, get rid of excess waste, help with weight loss, and improve your skin.          30 packs........$60


2. Executive Stress Formula- a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbals and other nutrients carefully formulated and specifically designed to support and boost the body's defenses against stress. This proprietary blend includes ginkgo biloba, silymarin, Co Q-10, L-glycine , L-methionine and other beneficial ingredients. 120 tablets.......$35


3. De-Mer-Tox- contains several vitamins and other dietary supplements that support heavy metal detoxification and may protect against the toxic results of amalgam filling removal. Local fish often has high levels of mercury and arsenic also. 60 tablets.........$29


4. Ultra HNS (Hair, Nails and Skin Formula)- supplies high dose biotin, vitamin C, zinc, and Cynatine HNS, a patented solubilized keratin clinically shown to support the strength, brightness and appearance of healthy hair, nails and skin. 90 vegetarian capsules......$38


5. Brain Energy- supplies essential nutrients carefully formulated to provide nutritional support for increased brain energy. Contains DL-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, Rhodiola rosea, L-methionine, and Octacosanol. 60 vegetarian capsules......$28


6. Nopal Cactus- the leaves of nopal cactus have the unique ability to bind and trap fat and certain sugars you eat in a meal and prevent their absorption in the body. Reducing the amount of fat and sugar absorbed during a meal may play a key role in cholesterol metabolism as well as weight reduction. Chitosan, a common dietary supplement, exhibits similar actions, but is derived from shellfish. Nopal cactus offers vegetarians and those allergic to shellfish an effective alternative to chitosan.                          60 vegetarian capsules …...$23


7. Iodine Plus- 74% of healthy adults do not consume enough iodine. Iodine regulates cortisol and contributes to normal immune function. It is necessary for proper thyroid function as well. Iodine deficiency is rapidly emerging as a major risk factor of breast cancer.  180 vegetarian capsules.....$49















8. DIM- Diindolylmethane makes estrogen metabolize down a safer pathway which has a lower risk of breast, uterine and prostate cancer. It frees up bound testosterone and acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor balancing estrogen and testosterone. Good for everyone but specially formulated to go with our BioTE bio-identical hormone replacement pellets. 60 vegetarian capsules.......$65


9. A-D-K 10- All three vitamins are essential for bone structure, density and integrity, proper bone remodeling, calcium utilization, and cardiovascular function. 60 capsules..........................$31


10. BioTE Evening Primrose Oil- often thought to just relieve the symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease, evening primrose oil is also being used to treat chronic headaches due to its phenylalanine component. It also contains a fatty acid called GLA which is essential for cell structure and skin elasticity. Also supports nerve health and premenstrual needs.90 softgels..........................$30