Aesthetic Services


Available during regular office hours of 9 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday and outside of these times by special appointment.....501-228-6237

Monica joined Sei Bella Med Spa in Jan. 2017.  She is a licensed aesthetician who has received advanced training in chemical peels, microneedling, Skin Classic, Laser Hair removal, radiofrequency skin tightening, and Oxygeneo facials. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in business management and working in sales for several years she decided she really wanted to pursue her original passion....aesthetics. Monica previously had her own studio at The Face Place in West Little Rock. Monica's certification in Rejuvapen microneedling with PRP is key to our scar revision treatments at Sei Bella Med Spa, and she uses Skin Classic for treatment of keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, fibromas, cherry angiomas, telangectasias and sun damage.

In her spare time she enjoys doing a little interior design, particularly at our office, and spending time with her dog, Vandy.

Monica is passionate about providing her clients with the best experiences while achieving maximal results and relaxation, helping them look and feel their best! She is constantly adding new techniques and continuing her education to provide you premier services.

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Melissa Lowry Lorince is the newest Licensed Aesthetician to join our Sei Bella team! She’s a Little Rock native who graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Management and Marketing. After working in sales and marketing for several years, Melissa experienced a major life event which made her realize how short life truly is and that it can’t be wasted working in a job that lacks fulfillment. 

Skincare has always been a major interest of Melissa’s, especially since she’s had her own personal struggles with acne and rosacea. Our very own Monica has been Melissa’s aesthetician for a few years, and the results have truly shifted her confidence. This feeling is what initially inspired Melissa to pursue a career in aesthetics. The combination of providing a service to make others feel good and working in an ever-changing industry requiring consistent research was enough to sell her on the idea, so she immediately enrolled in an aesthetics program to obtain her state license. 

Melissa is dedicated to becoming an expert in health and wellness skincare treatments. Her main focus will be on holistic skin care and less invasive treatment options that will make you feel more comfortable in your own bare skin. Some of her interests include botanical and herbal based products, manual lymphatic drainage, and results driven facial massage. Along with an array of custom-tailored facials, Melissa will be offering eyelash, brow, and waxing services.

When she’s not working, Melissa likes to spend time outdoors with her husband, Alan, and their puppy, Stevie Nicks. She’s a voracious reader who loves to practice yoga, work in her garden, and spend quality time with friends over wine and pizza.

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chemical peels...starting at $100+......  30 minutes. We offer 15 different peels based on your skin type and the strength of the peel is tailored to your individual needs. 

Microdermabrasion……..Brighten and polish your skin with this exfoliating service. Great for targeting dull skin, mild acne, light discoloration, and superficial scarring. $125 (1 hr). Add-on for anywhere beyond the face (neck, chest, back, hands, stretch marks, etc.): priced per section $50 (30 min/section)

micro peels $175...... 60 minutes. Microdermabrasion followed by a peel chosen                                                             specifically for you after a thorough skin evaluation.

dermaplaning $80 (add on to other service $40)

Purchase a series of three micropeels (usually recommended to be done 3-4 weeks apart) and save!........$450  ($525 value)

Series of 3 Skin Therapeutics peels......$250

Perfect Derma Peel........$300 (add on booster for $50)





Restorative Facial……..Relax and unwind during this stimulating facial, complete with a face and neck massage. It’s the perfect pick-me-up! $90 (1 hr)

Plump Facial……..Using the only verified Nano Technology to address your unique skin issues. The most popular uses include fine lines, aging, blemishes, sun/age spots, uneven tone and texture. A Dr. Trussell favorite!! $150 (1.5 hrs)

GuaSha Facelift…….This facial uses traditional Asian healing techniques to relax facial muscles while also lifting & tightening the skin through massage. It’s also a great way for your skin to detox through lymphatic drainage. $100 (1.5 hrs)

Real Men Get Facials…….Facials tailored for our more masculine clients with a focus on razor burn, ingrown hairs, dullness, etc. $100 (1.5 hrs)

Sei Bella custom facial.....Built specifically for you to address your skin concerns with a variety of service options. $125 (1.5 hrs)

Steam and Clean…….Quick steam with extractions; price increases based on severity and number of extractions needed $50 (1 hr)

IPL photofacial.... $125 each (series of 3 is $300) (performed by our nurse Sandy)


Oxygeneo facial


The most advanced technique for doing facials. No needles involved, but Monica is able to infuse peptides and oxygen into your skin which is particularly effective for rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin looks instantly better!

$200 per session.




body waxing:

Lip or Chin Wax……Yes, we can remove those pesky, unwanted hairs! $20 (20 min)

Body Wax………Legs ($80/leg; $45 partial leg), Back ($55), Chest ($60), Arms ($50/arm; $35 partial arm), Under Arm ($25/arm) 30 minutes per section


lash Services

Eyelash extensions……Offering Classic lash extensions custom fit to accentuate your eye shape. For best results, Melissa recommends a consultation appointment ahead of time. For maximum wear, fills are recommended every two weeks. $125 (3 hrs)

Eyelash Extension Fill……Fills are only provided for sets Melissa applied: no new clients. Melissa will not work on someone else’s work! Quality is of the upmost importance to her. If more than 50% of your extensions are missing, a new set WILL be required and you will be charged accordingly for a new set….so keep up your fills!! $70 (1.5 hrs)

Eyelash Extension Removal…..Whether we applied them or not, let us take a load off those lashes! $35 (45 min)

Eyelash Lift…….Wanting voluminous lashes without the extensions? Lash lifts are made for you! Our lifts last 6-8 weeks. A Dr. Trussell favorite! $45 (1 hr)

Eyelash Tint……Darken your lashes for a thicker, fuller look. Also a Dr. Trussell favorite! Combine a lift and tint!! $35 (30 min)

Eyebrow shaping……Struggling to figure out how to shape your brows to best accentuate you face? Let us do the work for you! $30 (30 min)

Eyebrow Tint…..Patchy or light eyebrows? we can make them appear more full with tint available in multiple shades $20 (30 min)

Rejuvapen and Dermafrac

Medical microneedling at its best! Possibly the best procedure you can do for acne scarring. Unmatched collagen stimulation and regeneration for anti-aging results. An excellent choice for micro-pigmentation as well. Combined with our copper peptides, we think you will be thrilled with your results! Add on PRP for even better and faster healing using your own platelet rich plasma's growth factors!  501-228-6237


Rejuvapen........ $350 per session

Microneedling with PRP (platelet rich plasma)........$700


Skin Classic


The perfect solution for stubborn comedomes, telangectasias, sebaceous hyperplasia, sun damage, and cherry angiomas, fibromas and skin tags.


single spot......... $35

forehead..............starts at $100

cheeks.................starts at $150

nose or chin........starts at $125


LED Light Therapy……….Enhance your facial with a custom LED Light treatment to address acne or anti-aging. $40 (30 min). LED light therapy has also been proven beneficial for treating certain types of pain. Dr. Trussell has seen benefit for some patients with regular treatments. Give us a call for more information!

Plump Express…….For lips, laugh lines and eyes only; priced per section (pick any two for $85 OR $50 per section) 30 minutes/section

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