BOTOX Cosmetic Injectable

Botox is botulinum toxin which is a neuromodulator. This means it erases wrinkles by freezing the muscles that are causing the wrinkles in your skin like when you frown. Do people say you look mad all the time because of the deep furrow between your eyebrows? Do you feel like your forehead is a road map? Crows feet? Or maybe you have those annoying fine lines above your lips. These are just a few areas where Botox is beneficial. Botox is one of the least expensive, nonsurgical treatments you can do to take years off your face. Call us today for your appointment....501-228-6237


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We Strive for a Natural, Rejuvenated Look

More is not always better. We will recommend the amount of Botox (or any other product) that we think you need to achieve a natural look. We want the appearance to be so natural that other people think you just looked refreshed, but can't really pinpoint what you're doing differently. We listen to your concerns and offer advice to help you achieve the look you want.

Many times Botox is used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as injections of dermal fillers , IPL, medical grade chemical peels, laser resurfacing or Rejuvapen microneedling. 501-228-6237

Average Units of Botox Needed For Each Treatment Area

The number of units needed to treat each area depends on the severity of your wrinkles and your response to Botox. Some patients require more units to effectively smooth out their wrinkles while others require less. Men often require more units because they have stronger muscles. Dr. Trussell will inject whatever amount is required to obtain an optimal result. Also understand that Botox generally lasts 3 months, but depending on the strength of the muscle treated, it could last a longer or shorter period of time.


Treatment Area
Crows feet
Forehead wrinkles
Glabella area (between eyebrows)

upper lip
platysmal bands (neck)

Before and After Botox in the forehead and crows feet

Before and After Botox in the forehead and crows feet

Avg. # of Units
6-12 units per side
10-30 units
12-16 unit

4-6 units
3-6 units

When will I see results?

The usual length of time it takes to see the full results is usually around one week, but you may start seeing differences within a few days. The effects of Botox again usually last about three months, with your muscle reactions and wrinkles returning as the effects of the treatment wears off.

How much does Botox cost?

$14 per unit