Dr. Trussell has used this makeup for over 10 years because it provides great coverage, is never heavy, looks natural and is good for the skin. It integrates well with our botanical based skincare line Epionce.

In 1994, the jane iredale brand began with one product, Amazing Base (still a star in the line). It was immediately embraced by dermatologists and plastic surgeons because of its ability to cover, soothe and protect. Patients loved it because it didn’t feel like makeup; it just resulted in beautiful, flawless skin. As an added bonus, the quality of their complexions got better and better. Jane Iredale herself worked in the entertainment business as a director and producer so she knows how important appearances are, but she also knows that for you to look your best, you have to put quality products on your skin.



The brand now reaches women of all ages and nationalities. Embedded in the DNA is the belief that makeup is at its best when it doesn’t try to make a woman conform to the latest fashion trends, but embraces her natural beauty and allows her personality to shine.

jane iredale is a certified cruelty-free cosmetics brand, recognized by both Leaping Bunny and PETA for voluntary commitment to no animal testing at every stage of product development and manufacturing. This pledge to cruelty-free makeup and skincare has always been at the core of this brand. We believe it is an essential element in our holistic approach to creating responsible, healthy beauty. Dr. Trussell is an animal lover so this is important to her and also the reason she chose our Epionce skincare line.




As you can see there are many shades of base, so it's important to get color matched. And you can choose from liquid or powder formulation depending on preference and the amount of coverage you need. We have all the products to choose from.....loose mineral powder, pure pressed powder, liquid minerals and full coverage mineral BB cream. In addition we have both liquid and dry tinted sunscreen and a whole array of concealers and primer.

We know you'll be as excited as we are, once you try Jane Iredale!