Beautiful You November Newsletter

Hi Everyone!
    Yes. It's already November! 55 days until Christmas! In between now and then we still have Thanksgiving, decorating, baking, cooking, parties, traveling and shopping! I love shopping more than anyone, but I hate it at the holidays when there are so many crowds and I feel rushed to find something for everyone on my list. Ordering online helps some, but things stilll have to be wrapped, and there are those shipping costs! I have a's gift certificates! They are personal and show that you took the time to think about what she (or he) would enjoy. At Beautiful You we have gift certificates for every occasion, especially Christmas. You can buy them for any amount and we can even mail them for you. Beautiful You offers multiple services...Botox, Juvederm... The great thing is your wife, friend, sister, husband can choose what they want when they want. We offer free consults. With a gift certificate people can take advantage of sales and specials so your dollar winds up going farther. Come by our office or call us (501)228-6237. We take credit card payments by phone as well as in person.
     For those who didn't get my eBlast...I am having a Botox party on Nov. 15th at my office. You can still reserve a spot. I have three left. The first 20 people to sign up get Botox at $9/unit that night. I will be happy to treat as many people as possible over 20 as I have time. Come join us for wine (or soft drinks) and hors d'ouevres at 6:00pm on November 15th.
     Botox has multiple uses.....frown lines, crows feet, forehead wrinkles, bunny lines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating under the arms, palms or soles of the feet) just to name a few. Results on the face last about 3 months. Treatments for hyperhidrosis last around 9 months.
     Botox newest indication is for chronic migraines. It has been approved for years in Europe for migraines and used off label in the U.S. for awhile. As of October 15th though, it is FDA approved for use in the U.S. for chronic migraines. You can see the full press release at
     Back to the holidays.......I know all you gals and guys want to look your best for family and friends. Not only do we offer Botox, but also Juvederm. Juvederm is a filler I can use to diminish those smile lines to make you look years younger and fill in acne scars to smooth out your complexion. 
     The holidays are always a time to remember our blessings and extend those to others. So between now and Christmas, a percentage of every Botox, or Juvederm treatment will go to the Arkansas Foodbank Network which is available in 33 Arkansas counties. They serve about 23,000 hungry Arkansans a week. I'll let you know the total in my January newsletter.
    Until next month, I wish you a more healthy and Beautiful You!
Anne R Trussell MD
Beautiful You
located at 9501 Lile Drive, Suite940, Little Rock.... on the Baptist campus
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