Let's Talk About Juvederm

Juvederm is one of a larger class of "dermal fillers."  It is made of cross linked hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that occurs in humans. Juvederm is a relatively organic way to fill in and smooth out areas in the face. No allergy testing is required as with some cosmetic injectables. The hyaluronic acid seals in moisture and interacts positively with collagen which keeps our skin looking young and elastic. Juvederm lasts about 9 months, but some people see results up to a year. It's most common use is filling in the lines between the nose and lips known as the "smile lines". It is also frequently used to plump the lips and that also keeps your lipstick from bleeding  into creases above your lip. Juvederm is also very useful for filling in acne scars. A very tiny needle is used to inject Juvederm and I use a special compounded cream to numb up the skin before hand. I personally have had Juvederm in my "smile lines". My nurse has injected mine and I didn't even use the topical anesthetic! Keep watching my Blog and I'll get some of my personal before and after pictures up. Look at the pictures below and you can see that Juvederm is for all ages!