After the Snow !!

   Although the snow is beautiful, I know we are all ready for warmer temperatures and better roads. For those of you who had to travel this week, I hope you were safe. My office was closed for the safety of those of us who drive in to Little Rock everyday. We will be doing some rescheduling and catching up next week!

    For those of you interested in Botox and Juvederm I'll have extended hours and it's not too late to take advantage of the Valentine's Day specials!!!  (See my Valentine's Day newsletter below). Give yourself a treat and freshen up your face a little.

    Did you cook and eat and cook and eat and sit around more while you were cooped up? Then perhaps we can help you with some Lipo Ex treatments. Our scheduling is flexible and I have a quiet, relaxing, private medical office for you to enjoy them in. You can come in before work, during lunch or after you get off work.
     You can e-mail this weekend if you want to schedule something after work or give us a call on Monday morning.....501-228-6237!

      Looking forward to talking to you!!