New Name Contest! Win a $150 Gift Certificate!

Hi Everyone!
  Want to win a gift certificate you can use toward Botox, Juvederm, Lipo-Ex or the new facial peels we are going to offer? Then put on your thinking caps!
   Apparently there is a business in a neighboring city with a name similar to Beautiful You. To avoid confusion about services, credentials, etc. I thought I'd just change our name. My 16 year old daughter came up with the original name, but we're stuck now. This is where you come in. Help me come up with a creative, new, unique name. But, I have to have it fairly soon because I am having a joint party with Solemates in April. It's going to be the "Head to Toes Party". We are going to have shoes and Botox on sale! So......I want the new name so I can post invitations and details about that in my next newsletter.
   Here is the fine print:
1. Email me your suggestion to One name per person please, but you can forward this out to anybody whether they are a current customer or already on the newsletter list.
2. If I get several suggestions for the same winning name, the first to email me gets the gift certificate.
3. Gift certificate is for $150.
4. The name needs to be something easy to find on a search engine and give people a clue about what I do.
Right now Botox, Juvederm, facial peels (in the next couple weeks), and I will probably eventually add laser because I've had so many requests for it.
5. Contest ends Sunday March 27th at noon. I know, I know, that's only a week, but you folks are inventive, creative souls and I know you will come up with lots of names!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
Anne R Trussell MD