Coming Soon! IPL treatments!

    IPL  (Intensed Pulsed Light) treats acne, hair, skin and vascular lesions. Sei Bella will soon be offering these noninvasive treatments for hair removal, photo-facials, spider veins and acne. We have a great, new, high quality machine called Accelawave. In comparing IPL to lasers, a laser goes to one depth and hits one target. Our Accelawave,will deliver many different wavelengths of light and hit many different targets. With the IPL, you come in for the procedure and are back up and going immediately, unlike with an ablative laser procedure which can put you down for a few weeks.
   For those of you interested in the scientific workings of an IPL, I'll give you a  brief overview. IPL is a  broadband light source emitted by a flash lamp within the  broadband wavelength spectrum of  420nm-1200 nm. IPL works on the same principles as lasers in that light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with color, called chromophores. Chromophores are found in four "structures". We are concerned with thee of them: melanin, hemoglobin and porphyrin. (Water is the fourth structure, but it absorbs light at 1350 nm, outside our area of interest).
   It is important that IPL can adjust the power and the amount of time the skin is exposed to the pulse of light. During IPL treatments, these parameters are adjusted. All targets -hair, melanin, vascular lesions- hold energy for a different amount of time, and this time will decrease after each session. Most problems take 6-8 treatments to correct. Each session is bascially a new consult, so I know where to set the parameters on the machine. The Accelawave also has a cooling system for your comfort as well as for optimizing your results.
    The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery did a comprehensive survey which concluded hat 80% of the populaton who get treatments at med spas want 1)Botox, 2)Fillers (like Radiesse and Juvederm), 3)hair removal, 4)microdermabrasion and 5)photo-facials. That is very consistent with the survey I sent out several months ago.
    Of course you know I have to test and try out everything we offer at Sei Bella, so I tried IPL, too, when the rep was at my office. I have a dark spot on my arm that I want gone, so I had it pulsed. Didn't hurt. Just a little pop. My kids have done worse to me with a rubber band. I can tell a difference after that one treatment.
    If you are a physicist, I'm sure you're rolling your eyes right now at my explanation of IPL vs. laser. Sometime in the future, I'll probably get a laser, but for now, an IPL will work great for the things we want to do to make you more beautiful (or handsome) than you already are!