Obagi Elastilash

There are several products on the market now to enhance the thickness and length of our eyelashes.....Latisse, Revitalash, Elastilash, Idol Lash, DermaLash, and Rapid Lash to name a few. Latisse was the first and is probably the best known of these. I write prescriptions frequently for Latisse. It costs around $100 per prescription which is supposed to last a month. You need at least three months of use for maximum results. Latisse works very well, but can be a little cost prohibitive. Also, if you get it in your eye it can permanently stain the eye brown. Obagi's new product which we carry at Sei Bella is called Elastilash. I have used it for two months and can see a change in my lashes. It costs $68 and a tube lasts a little longer than a month, plus you don't have to worry about possibly staining your eyes. As with all of these, maintenance is the key. Once you stop using the formulas, your lashes start to return to their  normal thickness and length.
Ask me about Elastilash next time you're in.