April Newsletter

Happy Easter!
   I hope everyone had a great spring break and a blessed Easter!  .Several things to tell you about this month so I'll jump right in.....
   This coming weekend, either April 13th or 14th, Sei Bella will be offering another Groupon for photofacials. I'll send an eblast when I know the exact date. You'll have three options to choose from including other areas besides face. This is a great corrective treatment for the hands! No matter how much Botox, filler, facials, lotions and potions you use on your face to look younger, your hands will rat you out everytime. Age spots, sun damge, wrinkles....all of those are hard to hide when your hands are out there all the time, especially if you talk with your hands constantly like I do. So...... if you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, go to http://www.groupon.com/ and get ready. It's free and easy.
   I am shifting the medical care I provide to cardiac wellness only. I have teamed with Berkeley HeartLab to offer the Living4myheart program. You will receive genetic testing and an expanded lipid profile to better determine your risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Although I have normal lipids and run on the NF Endurance team, my CIMT(carotid intima medial thckness) score is that of a 67 year old. And I'm still just 45! So, my family is going to have their labwork done this week. My kids may need to be checked if Larry or I have a bad profile. With this program you have access to an RN and dietitian. I review your labs and make recommendations on medication changes or additions. We talk about lifestyle changes. Some people are nonresponders to statins which we prescribe to lower lipids all the time. Some people need more carbs/less fat or vice versa in their diet. I will be happy to give you more details if you would like to participate.
     With that in mind we are having a Wellness Party on April 14th at Sei Bella. I am going to talk more about the Berkeley program and Gena Fryar (Regional VP for Arbonne) and her mom Rhonda Mayo, RN, will be talking about Arbonne's Fit Essentials line. We will talk about stress management and I have a some really great goodie bags to send home with you. There are cookbooks, samples, coupons, meal plans, and beauty stuff in them. We want you to look healthy on the inside and out! We will have food, drinks and samples of our products for you to try while you're with us. Quite a few people have already signed up, but we still have room. You can call (501)228-6237or email me if you re interested in a 10 am, 12;15 or 2:30 time slot. I have some textbooks to give away which are first come first serve and we will have a drawing from the list of attendees for either a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope or an exercise heart rate monitor.
    Coming soon to Sei Bella Med Spa.......FACIALS! Yay! Love these so much. We will offer Sonya Dakar Ultraluxe age control facials, skin fitness facials, mini facials, and Jan Marini facials. Some include upper body and arm/hand massage. And all come with a facial massage specific to each one. You will absolutely love these. I have had monthly Sonya Dakar facials for years. I would get them DAILY if I could. My hope is to have them in full swring toward the end of the month.
    We have some open houses coming up as well. The first is a Jan Marini open house tentaively scheduled for May 3rd from 2-7 pm. We will have food and drinks, and let you try this new product line I'm going to carry. We will also have a Sonya Dakar event at least quarterly. After a lot of thought and trials, the main product lines I plan to carry are Sonya Dakar, Jan Marini and the Young Pharmaceuticals you are already familiar with. I will keep some specific Obagi and Bionet products on hand for those with speical issues we're already treating. For example, I've told you before I love the Obagi tretinoin, c-clarifying serum and Elastiderm eye cream. Right now, people show more interest in these than any other product I have.
     Sei Bella will also have makeup consultations and application techniques for you to learn how to enhance your beauty. Your skin should look natural when you have makeup on, NOT like you're wearing a mask (you know..... neck one color, face another color). You need the right color foundation (mineral based is best) and you need to know how to make it look smooth, not blotchy. When I see someone with a lot of makeup on, they look older, like they're trying to hide something. Less is better if you want to look younger. It's all about having the right product and applying it with the right technique. You should just be enhancing your beauty, not covering it up!
     Those are onlty a couple of the new things we have going on. Everyone has been asking for another Botox party. Shelley at Solemates would love to have one there again So would I! She has great shoes and a girl can never have too many friends or shoes! Since I am planning a raffle for the NF Endurance Team, I thought we could draw for the prizes at the Botox party. All proceeds will go to the Children's Tumor Foundation to help find a cure for neurofibromatosis. You can learn more about the Foundation, the NF Endurance Team, and neurofibromatosis at my NF website: http://ctf.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1001255&supid=349573393 .
At least three of us will be running the New York marathon in November. Right now I'm planning on raffling  some Botox and a facial plus a peel. Stay tuned. I'll let you know when I have the tickets printed up and ready to go.
     Now for the closing thoughts and beauty tip. First....DO NOT go to bed with your makeup on. We all go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, take our medicine and have some kind of little routine before we go to bed. Whatever your's is, please add in 30 seconds to a minute to wash your face. If you don't you age skin exponentially. Granted I have a big routine I go thru every morning and every night; that's afterall what I do for a living. And I highly recommend a facial system, but if you would just start with a good wash (no bar soap please), I would be delighted. Ask me next time you're in or if you're already established you can email me about  what a good wash would be, and I'll get you started.
   And finally, summer is coming! We are going to be in the sun, in our bikinis (well I won't be that skimpy at 45 with 4 kids), but you get the point. There are weddings, class reunions, anniversaries, family reunions; you all want to look your best at these, so remember we have a huge array of services to get you where you need to be. We have Botox, Xeomin, Juvederm, Radiesse, DermaFrac, facial peels and facials, IPL for your spider veins, hairy legs and underarms, sun damage, and rosacea. Throw in a great massage and you are relaxed and ready! Remember what I always say, you don't have to look 20, just 20 years younger than the person/people you're with!
    Enjoy your spring! I'll send out a reminder note or two for Groupons, open houses, raffles, etc. I often post on my blog at http://www.drannetrussell.blogspot.com/ . Subscribe and the site will let you know when there is a new post. My webpage http://www.annetrussellmd.com/  is full of information about many of Sei Bella's services. I try to update price lists and services regularly.....
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa