December 2012 Newsletter

I know we're almost halfway through the month, but I wanted to at least get you a quick update out... 
In January, hope to start focusing on some health and beauty topics I thing you'll find interesting each month..

Sei Bella Med Spa

Merry Christmas everyone!
    Hope this letter finds you starting to enjoy the holidays! I'm really looking forward to the family time, but still have some decorating to do and a little more shopping. We have had a very blessed year as a family and as a business! Thank you to all who supported us with your business and especially to those who supported me on the NF Endurance Team as I ran in support of the Children's Tumor Foundation. Although the New York Marathon was cancelled, CTF still received the research funds and we will run next year! Plus, St. Jude reopened their marathon to us this month, so I was able to support two of my favorite charities!
      A few new products to tell you about..... The first two go with our VIPeel. We have the VIDerm bleaching cream that has 4% hydroquinone, plus Vitamins A and C And there is the Ultra A which has 0.1% tretinoin (Retin-A), Vitamin C and Vitamin A. I originally ordered these at a patient's request because they was equivalent to some of the Obagi products and less expensive. They have become very popular. 
      If you like to masque once a week, Bionet has a few new masques that feel and work great. My favorite is the Detoxifying Mint Masque. And FINALLY, Obagi has come out with a moisturizer.....the Hydrate Facial Moisturizer. It's much lighter than their sunscreen and goes well under make up.
     If you're looking for another way to lose weight, remember Qsymia. We have had about 25 people start on it so far and I've seen really good results. Most people have seen 12- 13 lb weight loss with the first prescription. 
     Just a quick newsletter this month, because I know you are all busy. I'll start covering some topics of interest in January.
     Have a wonderful Christmas and God Bless in the New Year!

Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa