February 2013 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a day filled with romantic surprises! Or……if you are single and lovin’ it, I hope you have a nice quiet evening at home with your favorite box of chocolates……

Are you looking to get your skin back in tip top shape? Are you looking tired when you look in the mirror? Wondering what you can do at home to help your skin look younger? We have several great specials this month……

3 IPL photofacials (on the face) plus a Jan Marini Skin Care System…..$600
    This is a $220 savings off the regular price!
     Included is a Bioglycolic Cleanser, C-ESTA serum, Bioglycolic Bioclear
     Lotion, Transformation hydration cream, and an Antioxidant SPF 30

3 IPL photofacials (face) plus a Jan Marini MD Skin Care System……$655
     This is a $220 savings as well!
      The MD system (which I have) contains the same products as the Skin
     Care Management System plus Age Intervention Enlighten MD Lotion
      which will focus on hyperpigmentation.

3 IPL photofacials (face) plus a Jan Marini Regeneration Booster…….$550
      A $200 savings off the regular price.
       The Booster contains anti-aging telomerase enzymes, growth factors, 
       peptides and Co-Q 10 as an anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant.

3 IPL photofacials on the hands plus an Age Intervention Hand Cream..$400
       A $187 savings.
       This lotion contains glycolic, salicylic, azelaic and kojic acids for
       intensive hydration, brightening, and resurfacing.

These systems and products are excellent, will last you at least two months,  and designed to maintain results you get from procedures, especially IPL.
Jan Marini has a VERY user friendly website, too at www.janmarini.com
Plus,  you can register from now until Valentine’s Day to win a free Age Intervention Regeneration Mask and an Age Intervention Eye Cream.
Need another reason to start a Jan Marini system besides the price, quality, and results from these products? Well….they compliment the new Jan Marini medical grade peels we plan to introduce….including peels for acne, skin rejuvenation and pigment!!

Mention these specials next time you’re in, or give us a call and preorder yours, because we will only have them for a limited time!

Again, best wishes for a wonderful February!

Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa