Natural Solutions to Heal Acne

1.) Load up on Nutrients: Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium are very specific for the treatment of acne. They help balance the hormones, support the immune system, support liver detoxification pathways, support healthy mucus membranes in the skin and digestive system, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and may reduce excess oil secretion.
2.) Avoid Dairy Products: Dairy can aggravate acne for some people; it can be beneficial to eliminate dairy for 6-12 weeks to see if there is any significant improvements to the skin.
3.) Reduce Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates: This includes white flour based products like breads, bagels, biscuits, processed breakfast cereals and crackers. These foods elevate insulin which can increase acne breakouts.
4.) Increase Fiber: Fiber improves blood sugar. You can increase your fiber by including extra foods such as hemp seeds, flaxseeds, oat bran or psyllium husks in smoothies, juices, breakfast dishes or simply take with water to move things along through your gut.
5.) Hydrate: Drink up for natural skin cleansing! Keep up those 8 glasses of water (64 oz.) every day!
6.) Consume More Fruits and Vegetables:  Important for their cleansing benefit, they also help balance hormone levels by improving detoxification pathways. Dark green leafy vegetables improve skin radiance and reduce excess oil production.
7.) Hormonal Acne: All these suggestions will aid in balancing hormonal health. Female acne can also be helped with the herb Chaste Berry and vitamin B6 which may alleviate some cases of premenstrual acne.
8.) Anti-Microbial Agents:  Eating raw garlic and consuming some herbal medicines such as calendula (marigold) and echinacea, can help your skin from the inside out. Eat foods that naturally contain bacteria to improve digestive health as this is also very important for reducing harmful bacteria which can contribute to acne.
9.) Stop Picking! Touching your face is another problem which further aggravates acne by increasing the infection rate of the pimples. People often pick and squeeze their pimples which will encourage more breakouts. Our hands are often covered in bacteria so it is important not to touch the skin when you have small open wounds that occur when the pimples are squeezed.
10.) Use Topical Lotions and Creams: These can help enormously to reduce bacterial infections getting into the pores and causing acne. Cleansing morning and night can reduce the incidence considerably.
Some make-up and oily face products can increase acne by clogging up the pores and increasing infections.