Summer Newsletter 2013

Hoping my summer newsletter finds all of you enjoying the lake, the beach, and family vacations. It's important to take time for a movie, family night, or a Travs game. Kids grow up so fast. I can't believe I'll have two in college next year and two in junior high! It's equally important to take time for yourself. Relax, refresh, renew, and rejuvenate! You'll be more productive at work and more relaxed at home.

To help you do that, we have some specials this summer! All Jan Marini skin care products are 20% off this month. This includes our most popular Marini Lash in a 2 month or 1 year supply. Jan Marini makes products for normal skin that just needs maintenance; aging skin with fine lines; adult acne, plus skin rejuvenation for the face, hands and body. Offer is good through the end of August.

I am also offering $100 off each syringe of Radiesse purchased through the end of August! For those of you not familiar with Radiesse, it is a calcium hydroxyapetite based filler. I can fill in smile lines; replace fat loss in the cheeks; fix downturned corners of your mouth and smooth out your jaw line. Results last 10-14 months. This will be the only time this year I discount the Radiesse. So call today to get on the schedule.

Last but not least is our massage special! Yes.....we have a massage therapist again! Misty has 7+ years of experience and is certified in Soft Tissue Massage, Pain Free Deep Tissue Massage, Cranio Sacral therapy, plus upper and lower back pain relief. If you're currently benefiting from Lipo-Ex treatments, enhance those results with a lymphatic massage. Is someone you know pregnant (and miserable) in this heat? Give her a gift certificate for a massage! It will relieve her low back pain and help those swollen legs. Massage prices range from $65-$85/hour. Misty is offering 10% off all massages through the end of August.

Call us today and let us help you with a little “Me Time”

Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa