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New Mineral SkinCare
I am very excited to soon be offering this new clinical mineral foundation! I've been using it myself for two months and have dropped my Jane Iredale! Packed with SPF 27+ protection, it conceals imperfections with flawless, weightless, invisible coverage.It is ideal for sensitive skin and comes in several shades. It is very light, lasts all day long and doesn't clog your pores! Because it can only be purchased in a physician's office, I can't sell it online. You'll see me wearingPRIORIMD next time you're in the office! I can help you choose the right foundation for your skin tone.

 DNA Recovery System
PRIORIMD has focused on a select few products. The foundation listed above and a revolutionary Clinical Recovery Serum are their main products. Sunscreen, no matter the SPF, will not block all damage to your skin's DNA.
PRIORIMD's Clinical Recovery Serum has the highest concentration of DNA repair enzymes available for the maximum ant-aging benefits. I have been using the Clinical Recovery System every night for two months now. Yes, I still love my SonyaDakar Ultraluxe 9 morning moisturizer, but you can't beat the DNA repair that
PRIORIMD offers.
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October 21, 2013
Dear Anne,

Happy Halloween! I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the cooler weather. I got a postcard from Hallmark yesterday with a two month warning about Christmas! Really?! So, I counted. Sure enough, It's only 38 days until Thanksgiving and 66 days until Christmas! I know everyone wants to look their best for the family and holiday pictures, parties and festivities, so I have some specials for you and something new to tell you about this month.  And remember, you can use our new online scheduler 24/7 to make appointments and buy products online that we can ship to you. Just click MindBody Online
Lipo-Ex Groupon!! Weight Loss Help!!
The Lipo-Ex Groupon begins on October 24th!    
Don't miss this chance to trim those inches and lose those pounds! Lipo-Ex is one of the most popular services we offer, so buy early and book early. Susan's schedule fills up quickly. For those of you new to Sei Bella Med Spa, Lipo-Ex is an innovative procedure that uses low radiofrequency to heat up the fat cells and liquify the fat so you can excrete it through your lymphatic system and urine. What's great about LIpo-Ex is that it works without needles, surgery, anesthesia or downtime! The treatments literally feel like a hot stone massage. If you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, click  GROUPON to sign up today. The feature starts Thursday, Oct. 24th.
lipoex before and after
And a little extra Help!
We all know diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss, but sometimes we just need a little extra help. It's hard to get started or it's hard to break through a plateau. The holidays and all the good food don't help either. Well, Qsymia, Belviq and Adipex can help! Belviq and Qsymia are the new FDA approved weight loss medications. Like Adipex that has been around for years, these are prescription only medications. Side effects are minimal to none, but a consult is still required so that Dr. Trussell can help you choose the medication that's right for you. With LIpo-Ex and weight loss medication, plus your ongoing efforts at diet and exercise, you'll have to choose a different New Year's resolution for 2014! For our Lipo-Ex customers, the initial consult and followup visits are only $40 compared to the usual $85. Plus, we have coupons for a free two weeks worth of medication as long as those supplies last. I'll be posting more on my BLOG about these new medications in the near future.
All Jan Marini is 30% off!
Not only do we want to help you get slim and trim, we want to help you enhance your natural beauty! One way we're doing that is by putting our Jan Marini skincare on sale for 30% off! Not sure what you need? We can address your concerns and give you options to choose from. If you're not satisfied with your current skincare products, we can help you get started on this medical grade skincare system. Or....if you want to transition into the Jan Marini skin care line, we can help you pick the products you need to start with....a wash, moisturizer, wrinkle reducer, anti-acne, or even an eyelash enhancer. And at 30% off the whole line, it just doesn't get any easier than this to upgrade to products your skin deserves!
 Our Botox and Xeomin special at $10/unit is still going on as long as you purchase ONLINE. You will need to create an account if you haven't done so already. Purchase is limited to 50 units per person. Also, we will be rolling out FOUR new facials with your choice of add-on services and expanding to FIVE medical grade chemical peels.
  As always, we want you to feel like you can relax, renew, refresh, and rejuvenate with us. Regardless of your concern, we can help. Whether it be spider veins, sun damage, wrinkles, excess weight, acne or any other problem, I offer free consults and medical grade solutions to your problems. If your concern is beyond the scope of what I can improve, I will tell you and refer you to the proper plastic surgeon.
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa
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