The Myths and the Truths about Testosterone Replacement

As I surf through the internet, which I frequently do when watching football and HGTV, I realize how much misinformation there is out there on hormone replacement, especially when it comes to replacing testosterone. If you've read my previous blogs (check out August 2014), newsletters or looked at our

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, you know I am a proponent of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I do not like synthetic hormones. I do not think they are safe. I will not take them myself. At Sei Bella I use BioTE bio-identical hormone replacement pellets. I have them myself and it has made a huge difference in my sleep quality, energy and muscle recovery after I do long runs.....

Let's start with some myths I can debunk about bio-identical testosterone replacement.

  • Testosterone is NOT just for men! Women need testosterone, too! It protects our bones, maintains our muscle mass, and drives our libido....just to name a few. Even women who have had breast cancer can be pelleted with testosterone (but not estrogen)!
  • Testosterone is NOT just for women's sex drive! Testosterone reduces insulin resistance which leads to diabetes, reduces cholesterol, reduces visceral fat and decreases risk of heart disease in addition to the benefits mentioned above.
  • Testosterone does NOT make women look like men! It would take 30 times the dose we give you in pellets to come remotely close to that.
  • Testosterone does NOT cause your voice to get deeper......that is only with anabolic steroids like the ones some athletes and wrestlers take.
  • Testosterone does NOT cause hair loss!
  • Testosterone is NOT unsafe for the heart!
  • Testosterone does NOT cause liver damage! There are three reported cases of hepatocellular carcinoma from oral synthetic testosterone.
  • Testosterone does NOT cause aggression.
  • Testosterone does NOT cause breast cancer. It is safe for women who have had breast cancer to be pelleted with testosterone.

So what are some of the truths?

  • Men age 30-70 will lose 1-3% of their total testosterone production per year.
  • Women age 20-40 lose 50% of their testosterone production.
  • LOW testosterone puts men and women at increased risk for Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, prostate cancer (men), and loss of muscle mass. 

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Anne R Trussell MD