HTCA Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

At Sei Bella we focus not only on your outward appearance, but also strive to help you be more healthy on the inside. That's why we offer HTCA bio-identical hormone pellets. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is exactly what it sounds like. It is using hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally made by your body. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has transformed the healthcare of men and women as they enter the second half of their lives. It provides an alternative to hormones that are synthetic, like injectable testosterone, or concentrated from horse urine (Premarin). Patients receiving BHRT have their pellets prepared by specialty compounding pharmacists, and their pellets can be given in dosages tailored to their individual need, instead of the narrow choices available with mass-produced hormone therapies (one size fits all). You can read more on our website at  Call today for your consult with Dr. Trussell......501-228-6237