Iodine for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Many women suffer from fibrocystic breast disease (FBD). What exactly is fibrocystic breast disease (FBD)? A breast cyst is a cavity that forms when glands and connective tissue dilate and block mammary (milk) ducts. The normal architecture of the breast is disrupted. Eventually these cysts become hard, nodular and painful. Cutting caffeine and salt out of the diet will help some, as well as taking Vitamins E and A. Some doctors--but not I--even recommend taking birth control pills for FBD.  There has been a 30-fold increase in the incidence of breast cysts between 1928 and 1973.

The connection between low iodine and FBD has been studied for almost 100 years. m Every cell in our body depends on iodine to function correctly. This is especially true of glandular tissue such as breasts, ovaries, uterus, adrenals, prostate, pancreas, and thyroid. These glands can not produce optimum levels of hormones without iodine. Iodine actually reverses the changes in breast tissue that occur with fibrocystic breast disease.

Other than painful breasts you may experience some of the symptoms mentioned above, primarily due to the effects of iodine deficiency on the thyroid and adrenal glands.  Moat studies on iodine show that doses of 10-60 mg per day are effective for treating fibrocystic breast disease. This holds true for other glands and tissues that require iodine. 

The general public believes that eating iodized salt will supply all the iodine they need, but this is just not true. Within two weeks of opening a box of salt, the iodine is pretty much gone. If you use salt on when cooking or salt your food, you are much better off using real sea salt. I recommend an iodine supplement. I personally take Iodine Plus 12.5 mg that we carry at Sei Bella. It contains Potassium Iodide and free iodine, as well as zinc and selenium. The cost is only $49 for 180 capsules. That's a 6 month supply and well worth it!!

Recently there has been increased concern that iodine deficiency can be a contributing factor for breast cancer. As shown below, areas proven to have iodine deficiency have an increased incidence of breast cancer.

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