Menopause and Heart Health

1 in 7 PREmenopausal women die of heart disease. For POSTmenopausal women that number rises to 1 in 3!

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death of American women, killing more than a third of them.
  • More than 200,000 women die each year from heart attacks, FIVE times as many women as die from breast cancer.
  • 35.3% of deaths of American women over the age of 20, or more than 432,000, are caused by cardiovascular disease each year.
  • More than 159,000 women die each year from congestive heart failure, accounting for 56.3% of all heart failure deaths.

Besides the benefits listed above that testosterone provides to women, testosterone also has the benefit of protecting you from cardiovascular disease. A clinical study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology showed that low testosterone levels in women were associated with severe internal carotid artery atherosclerosis (this is the artery that supplies the majority of blood to the brain). It also showed that higher testosterone levels in women served as a protective role against atherosclerosis in the internal carotid artery. Blockage of the internal carotid artery leads to strokes.

Blood cholesterol often changes within 6 months of onset of menopause. The risk of high blood pressure triples with menopause. And both of these lead to heart disease. Hormone therapy helps prevents cardiovascular disease and is most beneficial if started early. But you can benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy regardless of your age. 


So why choose BioTE?

  • It is bio-identical, therefore it has cardiovascular benefits but does NOT increase your risk of cancer
  • It is convenient...pellets only need to be replaced 2-3 times a year in most people.
  • The BioTE comprehensive lab also evaluates thyroid, B12, Vit D, and a full metabolic profile.
  • Labs are interpreted by a physician (Dr. Trussell).
  • The exact dose of hormone is calculated for you based on your labs and your symptoms.
  • BioTE is usually reimbursed to some extent by insurance companies.
  • The BioTE company offers financing for those who need it.
  • BioTE uses the most stringent quality assurance for bioavailability and sterility.
  • It has been widely studied and proven to be safe and effective.

Do yourself a favor in 2015! Resolve to become more healthy AND feel better by preventing heart disease and stroke (not just with exercise and diet but also with balancing your hormones); stop hot flashes and night sweats; protect yourself against osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass; preserve (or regain) your libido and energy levels; enhance your sleep and decrease or eliminate postmenopausal depression; and decrease body fat. Call for your appointment with Dr. Trussell today! 501-228-6237