Stressed? Need to pamper yourself? Get the Trussell Special Facial

One day at the office I had 50,000 things going. I was stressed and apparently talking 90 miles a minute. Sound familiar? We all have those days whether we are stay at home parents, work from home or drive to an office or multiple offices everyday. Prolonged stress is not healthy for us. It stresses our adrenals and leads to adrenal fatigue, creates anxiety and sometimes depression, all of which has adverse affects on the appearance of our skin. We have to be healthy on the inside to look our best on the outside. So what can you do to fix both? Get a facial!!

Our wonderful aesthetician, Kristi, created what she calls the Trussell Special Facial. I first got into a comfy robe, under some nice warm blankets, in a cool, dark room. The soft music in and of itself was so relaxing. Kristi has such a soft, sweet voice too. I truly was asleep before she was done. The hand and arm massage was an added bonus! Kristi used a pomegranate massage cream and Celadon Meridian Crown & Mountain Shan Tools to relax my muscles to the consistency of noodles......

For the facial treatment she used a deep cleansing oil followed by a balancing toner and then did a second cleanse with an AHA rejuvenating cleanser. I also got a wonderful rejuvenating mask with Himalayan red rice stem cells, peptides and soothing botanicals. She completed this hour long facial with Skin Therapeutics' Cell C-10, a hyaluronic vitamin moisturizer, an oil-free lotion and clear sunscreen. There were multiple other steps in between. I just hit the highlights. Kristi has the perfect touch when doing a facial massage. This is truly the most relaxed I have ever been with a facial.

Do your body, face and arms a favor. Or help a friend! Get them a gift certificate. Spend an hour getting a facial from Kristi. She can customize a facial just for you. Check out some of the options and prices on our websiteOr.... if you want just what I had, say you want the Trussell Special Facial....$110.

And hey....this isn't just for us girls. Guys get facials all the time and reap the same benefits we do!