December Newsletter

    An early Merry Christmas to everyone! Hopefully you had some time off over Thanksgiving and were able to spend relaxed, quality time with family. Now it's time for the inevitable rush of Christmas decorating and shopping. At Beautiful You we can help you with the shopping part! Avoid the crowds and last minute shopping by giving gift certificates. It is still very personal; they can be used whenever the recipient wants; and they can use it on the services they want. We make things even easier by offering credit card payments over the phone in any denomination and then we'll mail the gift certificates to you or directly to that special someone. So call us today....501-228-6237
    The Botox party on Nov 15th was a lot of fun!! Great food, great wine and especially great people to spend time with. Some people asked me about Dysport,  Radiesse and Restylane. Yes, I can do that for you, too. Let me know in advance if you KNOW that's what you want becuase I don't stock much of it. Most people get Botox and Juvederm. If you'd like to have your own Botox party, just let me know. A Christmas party or a jewelry party is a perfect setting setting for that. Plus, you can earn credits toward free Botox for yourself!`
    Beautiful You is offering several specials this month. In December only, Botox is $2 off per unit and Juvederm is $20 off per syringe.
    Also, I'll mention our bone density machine here. Bone densities, which screen for osteoporosis or evaluate the effectiveness of osteoporosis treatment, are part of my routine internal medicine practice. I am offering them this month for $25 (cash, check or credit card). It only takes a few minutes, is completely painless, and you get a color report to take with you right then. If you are thin, postmenopausal OR have a family history of osteoporosis then you are increased risk. Men, too, get osteoporosis and are especially at high risk if they have low testosterone.
    I want to wish all of you God's blessings this holiday season and into the New Year. To show my appreciation for all the blessings I've received, a portion of all sales at Beautiful You goes to the Arkansas Food Bank for Christmas. The Arkansas Food Bank serves 33 counties in Arkansas and feeds 24,000 hungry people each week. I'll update you on that next month.
    Until then.....wishing you a more healthy and Beautiful You!
Anne R. Trussell MD
Beautiful You