Happy New Year! January Newsletter!

   2011 is here!! Hope all of you had a great Christmas and had quality time to relax with family and friends. I was blessed with a few days off, happy, healthy kids and my 20th anniversary. Thanks to your business, $548 is being donated to the Arkansas Food Bank which feeds 23,000 hungry Arkansans in 33 counties each week. You are very much appreciated!
   Recently I've had a few people tell me that Botox doesn't work as well for them as it did a couple years ago. That can happen due to to antibody formation. Dysport is an alternative. It too is botulinum toxin-A.  Dysport can be a little more expensive and there is a little more volume injected than with Botox. Antibodies can form to Dysport as well. A new product, Xeomin, has been FDA approved in the U.S.  It lasts three and up to 6 months. Xeomin doesn't contain complexing proteins that induce neutralizing antibodies to the botulinum toxin.  Puretox is another botulinum toxin-A product expected to be FDA approved in 2011. Lastly, Myobloc can be used in Botox nonresponders. It is a type B botulinum toxin.
   Have you ever thought about having a Botox party? We had lots of fun at the one I hosted in November. If you'd like to have one at your house or business, give us a call. It's a great way to enhance a Valentine party, jewelry party or a bachelorette party. I can even bring along some Juvederm to erase those deep smile lines and plump those lips a little.
   The other thing I've been asked about a lot is dark circles under the eyes. What causes them and what can you do about them? It won't surprise you that the #1 cause is lack of sleep. The lack of sleep can also cause your upper eyelids to be a little puffy and cast a shadow under your eyes that make the circles look even darker. Another common cause is seasonal allergies. Nasal congestion dilates and darkens veins that drain from your eyes to your nose. Rubing your itchy allergy eyes also causes  puffiness. Other common cuases are lifestyle factors: smoking, excess alcohol intake and just plain old stress.  And with normal aging there is some loss of fat and collagen which makes the veins under the eyes more noticeable.
   Before you try anything drastic like laser treatments,  permanent eye makeup that is tattooed on or a lot of fillers use a combination of some of the following to treat the problem. Cold tea bags placed on your eyes for 1/2 an hour or so at night will help with puffiness as will sleeping on a fluffier pillow or two pillows. In the morning use a good concealer. If your under eye circles look blue then use a peach color concealer NOT a grayish or white one. I personally use Jane Iredale's under eye concealer #1 (for fair skin). It has two shades in it, doesn't clog pores and doesn't make those funny undereye creases like some concealers do after a few hours. Obviously, try to get as much quality sleep as possible. A saline sinus wash or saline nasal spray helps keep sinus congestion to a minimum as will an antihistamine. However, antihistamines can make you fatigued so be careful which one you you take. Over the counter products that contain Brazilian suma, an herb, will help also. A few brands that contain Brazilian suma include Molton Brown, Armoise and Lluvail. They are very easy to purchase online and not too expensive.
   Avoid products under the eye and on the eyelids that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid because they can cause redness and swelling in this sensitive area. Finally, if you smoke, a good New Year's resolution is to quit.
   To learn more about the uses for Botox, Juvederm and other fillers visit my website and blog. You can click on them at the bottom of the newsletter. I wish all God's blessings for you and yours in 2011. May you all have peace, health and prosperity. Until next month's newsletter, here's to a more healthy and Beautiful You!
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