Clearing Your Pores and Smoothing Your Skin Without Inflammation

Our Epionce Keratolytic Products block the formation and activation of chronic inflammatory factors in the skin and repair the skin barrier. Keratolytic comes from the word, "kerato", from keratin (meaning skin), and "lysis", or skin shedding. This means dissolving excess and abnormal skin cells to encourage cell turnover. This also serves the purpose of cleaning out your pores. 

The Epionce keratolytic products do not cause inflammation because they contain botanical ingredients along with azelaic and salicylic acids, rather than harsh exfoliating agents. 

At Sei Bella we carry the entire line of Epionce products for every skin care need. Below are the ones we recommend for cleaning pores, preventing and treating acne while controlling oil production, encouraging cell turnover and improving skin texture.

Lytic Gel Cleanser- is non-drying but quite concentrated. It's the daily cleanser Dr. Trussell uses. It is very effective at clearing pores of dirt, oil and makeup. Willow Bark Extract and Menthol remove bacteria from the surface of your skin while Marsh Mallow Root Extract calms any inflammation. $36

Purifying Toner- contains two very important keratolytic ingredients- Willow Bark Extract and Salicylic Acid. These help control oil and also clean out pores. The Menthol in the toner kills bacteria thus decreasing acne breakouts. $29

Lytic Products- these provide the most keratolytic benefits. There are four different Lytic Tx products based on the oiliness of your skin. These products are formulated specifically to promote cell turnover, clear skin imperfections and reduce inflammation. Using a Lytic Tx product also improves delivery of your other skin care products to the areas you need them. $54

Intensive Nourishing Cream- the only Epionce product with all three technologies that Epionce is known for- Barrier Repair, Anti-Inflammatory, and Keratolytic Technology. Intensive Nourishing Cream contains low concentrations of Azelaic Acid which again clears pores but is anti-inflammatory. This cream is super-hydrating and significantly improves the roughness of your skin anywhere you apply it plus decreases the signs of aging. This is probably the product we sell the most of at Sei Bella! $108

A really nice thing about Epionce products is that they are medical grade and therefore a little bit of product goes a long way, with some products lasting 2-3 months before you need to repurchase. AND you can order refills or try new products by going to and using the Expert Code: 20150922 when prompted. We stock the full line of Epionce at Sei Bella Med Spa.

Stop in anytime to learn more about all of our Epionce products.