Why Should I Choose Sculptra?

Volume loss is now recognized as a major component of the aging face. Volume loss is a process that includes fat loss, bone thinning, muscle wasting, collagen loss and gravity effects. Sure you can get a face lift, but this doesn't address the volume loss, only the sagging and wrinkles. Treatments that replace lost volume are used for contouring and rejuvenating. Sculptra is an effective, and extremely safe collagen stimulator for the face that is clinically proven to last up to 25 months, and in some, even longer than that. Sculptra provides a foundation for facial rejuvenation and is easily combined with other injectables and procedures for overall renewal and rejuvenation. As you can see in the photos below, Dr. Trussell can choose exactly where to place Sculptra for the best results. The goal is to give your face the shape of an inverted triangle like you had before age and gravity set in. As we age, we lose fat in our cheeks, skin becomes lax and we develop jowls, thus our face takes on a triangular shape. Sculptra is unique in that it can be injected in areas other fillers can not.

Why would I choose Sculptra over a dermal filler like Radiesse or Voluma or Juvederm?

The great thing about Sculptra is that it can be used alone or in combination with other treatments and injectables. Unfortunately we have to accept the fact that there is not one single treatment or product, a "magic pill" if you will, that will do everything we need as we get older. The other great thing about Sculptra is that it will last at least 25 months. Results are very soft and natural looking. And results are gradual and less sudden.

How soon can I expect to see results?

There is an initial transient correction of your volume loss, but the effects are gradual over a few months. Think of Sculptra as planting grass seeds or a garden. The poly-l-lactic acid of Sculptra is reconstituted in sterile water, injected in the face and then we wait for the collagen to grow. This is much like planting grass seeds or a garden, watering it, and waiting for your beautiful lawn or plants to grow. If you're looking for immediate results, I can always use a little dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm to treat particularly bothersome areas. You can also continue to get your Botox or Dysport. You will experience minimal or no bruising nor pain with injection and minimal or no tenderness after a treatment.

What kind of results can I get with Sculptra?

Everyone will respond to the collagen stimulationg effects of Sculptra. How well you respond depends on your age, initial volume loss, whether or not you smoke, and sun exposure. Improvement is gradual over a few months and appears very, very natural. Sandy, Dr. Trussell's nurse, has now had four vials of Sculptra over a 9 week period. Her skin looks healthier, more supple, feels thicker and certainly has fewer areas of volume loss. One of Sandy's biggest compaints was about lines that look like ripples in a pond that form outside of the smile lines and marionette lines (see below). You're only long lasting, narural looking, nonsurgical options for this are Sculptra and Ultherapy, which by the way, work fabulously together. 

How much does Sculptra cost?

Each vial is $700. How much you need is something we determine at your consult. Some say you need a vial per decade of life. However, budget is always something we consider and we can prioritize areas we treat. A 50 year old won't necessarily need 5 vials. Everyone is different. We would never do more than two vials per session and we put 4-6 weeks between treatment sessions. It all depends on your budget and level of satisfaction after a treatment. 

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