Why SculpSure for Fat Loss?

In contrast to CoolSculpting that utilizes a freezing technology on fat, SculpSure treatments are delivered by a laser system that heats up your fat cells. SculpSure directs the laser into your stubborn, fatty areas, heating and emulsifiing the fat cells, essentially melting them. Once the fat cells are melted, they are naturally excreted by your body. In addition, the heat from the SculpSure treatments encourages collagen and elastin production in the treatment areas. This encourages healthy and young tissue growth, leaving the treated area not just thinner, but more firm and youthful as well.

Below are before and after pictures at 6 weeks from patients at Sei Bella.

Abdomen is the most requested area, but we have also treated arms, bra fat, flanks, love handles, inner and outer thighs, front and back of thighs, banana roll, and above the knees.

Use your Secret Santa card to get 20% off a treatment! Many people just need one treatment in an area, but Dr. Trussell can give you a better idea once she sees you. You will lose fat for 12 weeks, but you lose the most fat in the first 6 weeks. SculpSure is fast! SculpSure is permanent! SculpSure is non-invasive! It's cold outside now, but you can start getting your body summer ready! Give us a call! 501-228-6237